AMC Services

Maintenance and quality service plays a vital role in sustainability of any system or installation. We have a wide range of services to cater all your challenges and technical issues. Our services are not limited only to customers who have installed our system; we also provide them to organizations and individuals who have already installed a solar energy system. These services will help you to create a greater impact on energy generation.

Solar Services

Panels cleaning at defined intervals (twice a month)

Sensor calibration, SCADA, and monitoring system

Fortnightly reporting, Warranty claim support

Electrical checks, loose connections string current, voltage, etc

Notifying manufacturing faults, Management of repairs/upgrades.

Handling alarms with a 48-hour reaction time, notifying errors

Clearing vegetation, obtaining shade from neighboring trees and plants, and so forth

Checking Inverter functionality & diagnosing abnormal, behavior in the power plant

Spares like mc4 connectors, fuses, electricals, inverter to be provided by us