In collaboration with our partners and other stakeholders, we are striving for a better and greener future. In order to extend our reach, we intend to grow and work with and provide our assistance to various companies and individuals (Sales Channel Partners) aiming to succeed in this emerging industry.


We have a strong association with our partners, which is backed up by a dedicated sales enablement staff that helps commercial and industrial customers sell solar energy systems and other green energy solutions. We cordially invite you to join us in this thriving ecosystem.

Brands We Use

AARA has linked with some of the world’s most innovative technology companies in the field of renewable energy solutions. This keeps us well equipped with a variety of components and products to serve and assist you at any given time. These significant partnerships enable AARA to provide clients with the most up-to-date technology available across the country, as well as complete design and maintenance support from the OEM. These technological partners advise AARA energy on design and installation aspects for big capacity or special requirements for solar energy projects. For all of the projects, the partners provide complete after-sales and maintenance assistance. The technical team at AARA is led by leading figures in the renewable energy industry.

Sales Channel Partners

Our years of experience give us an edge over others. In order channelize this knowledge and expand our reach, we are always open to collaborate with other emerging players in this industry to provide them with aid and assistance. We assist our Sales Channel Partners to understand the holistic dynamics of this industry. This includes sales training, skill development, and technical support, all of which are essential for providing quality customer services. Additionally, we offer marketing strategies and effective ideas to our Sales Channel Partners in order to grow and expand their business in the market.